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Student Services

The major focus in Special Education this year was to develop a schedule to maximize inclusion of students with disabilities in the general education curriculum.  Traditionally, many students with disabilities received their core instruction in the resource room which provided them minimal access to the general curriculum. In reviewing the achievement of students with disabilities on the NECAP Assessment, we realized that we were asking the students to perform proficiently despite the fact that they may not have been exposed to the core curriculum standards.  Although this transition created some initial anxiety, there have been many positive outcomes from this change.

With support from the Superintendent, two Special Education Program proposals were approved by the Littleton School Board. The proposals were for the creation of an Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities Program at Lakeway Elementary School and a Life Skills program at Littleton High School. We are very excited about having these programs within our school district. These programs will allow us to meet the needs of students who are currently placed out of district and bring them back to their own community.    

Special Education across the District

Students Identified as needing Special Education: 114 (13%)

                Preschool: 11

                Mildred C. Lakeway: 49 ~ (12%)

                Daisy Bronson Middle School: 23 ~ (15%)

                Littleton High School: 31 ~ (12%)

Out of District Students: (Chapture 402/Court Ordered Placements, School Placements, and Foster Placements)

                14 Students

                Tuition: $15,000-$100,000 per student

Special Education Programs

Case Management

Specific Intervention Programs

Resource Room - Remediation, Repetition, Organizational/Directed Study Skills

Consultation from Special Education Teachers

Special Education Classroom Aides

Child Specific Aides

School-to-Work/Transition Services

Career Technical Training

Life Skills Training

Vocational Skills Programming

School-based Counseling

Speech Services

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Kelly Noland
Director of Student Services