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Littleton Academy

Daisy Bronson Middle School


The Littleton Academy is an alternative school for grades 7 – 12 within the Littleton School District.  Students attend from the Daisy Bronson Middle School, Littleton High School, and from out of district.  Littleton Academy will work directly with parents, counseling services, the sending school and outside resources to ensure student’s success both academically and behaviorally.


The Littleton Academy believes the students learn as individuals from various experiences in school, home and the community.  Littleton Academy will teach students through appropriate role modeling, connecting with each individual, as well as implementing a consistent school wide behavior management system that promotes good behavior and academic success for each individual student.  Working as a team with parents, teachers and the community the ultimate goal is to develop and support a successful transition back into the school or community.

Student Profile

Students that attend Littleton Academy may struggle in many of their classes both academically and behaviorally.  Students may have a difficult time staying on task, following rules and expectations, or interacting socially with others.  Students may lack the ability to follow the mainstream classes, struggle with class sizes or the work load both at school or at home.  Some students may have fallen significantly behind in credits or school work. 

These students may exhibit behavioral issues, isolate from others, or experience difficulty connecting with the mainstream population.  Some students may receive services through Special Education or 504 Accommodation Plans.  Students may be enrolled in the Littleton Academy on a full or part time basis, depending on their individual needs.


In conjunction with the Littleton School District, Littleton Academy aligns their curriculum with Daisy Bronson Middle School and Littleton High School.  Although the standards, objectives and instruction will meet New Hampshire and District requirements; the instruction will be implemented through alternative modalities and will be tailored to meet each individual students specific academic needs.

Littleton Academy students will have the opportunity to participate in individualized instruction, Distance Learning, Vocational courses, community based services, and Life Skills instruction.  Littleton Academy graduation requirements are the same as those of Littleton High School.

Behavioral Intervention

Students will utilize a daily tracking sheet to monitor their academics and behaviors.  It will evaluate a student’s respect to self, respect to others, assignment completion, effort and motivation, as well as a daily personal goal. Students will have the opportunity to participate in personal goal development. The tracking sheet is a tool to assist in behavior modification, home to school communication, as well as to assist in determining student consequences for minor behavior violations as outlined in the student handbook. Consequences for moderate or major violations will be determined by the Littleton Academy Director or designee.

Privileges and limitations are defined by a leveled behavior management system. Levels are determined by daily point values earned by students and recorded on the daily tracking sheet. To promote school to home communication Parents/Guardians are expected to read and sign the tracking sheet each day and support students in returning the tracking sheet to the appropriate staff member.

Level System

Student’s levels will be determined at the end of each school day by their last block teacher.

  • Various privileges and limitations are associated with each level.
  • The teacher will document the level based upon the amount of points earned for the day.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to have the tracking sheet completed each time block by the supervising staff member.


This is the lowest level in the behavioral management system.  A student earns Restriction when they have accrued 4 warnings in one day, on their tracking sheet. The following behaviors will result in an automatic restriction that include but are not limited to:

  1. Assault
  2. Threatening
  3. Harassment
  4. Weapons
  5. Property Damage
  6. Comments / Actions that are sexualized
  7. Illegal Substance
  8. Bullying
  9. Truancy – skipped school
  10. Vandalism
  11. Walking out of class, timeout, or school without permission
Parents may be notified of a student restriction.

Littleton Academy Director or designee will complete an ED317 to be filed with the Littleton Police Department when deemed appropriate.

Student immediately loses all privileges associated with  level prior to the restriction. Students earn zero points until they process their restriction appropriately. 

A student automatically moves to the Bronze Level once he or she has processed a Restriction appropriately with a Littleton Academy staff member and has completed a processing sheet.


A student on Bronze is NOT eligible for privileges.

·         A student on Bronze will be supervised by Littleton Academy staff at all times. 

·         Student will be supervised/escorted during transitions.

·         Student will have no access to extra privileges.

·         Student will have to remain in advisory for the whole time.


A student on the Silver earns the following privileges:

·         Students have the opportunity to access vending machines at designated break times.

·         Student can walk without supervision during transition times.

·         Student MAY earn additional privileges, subject to teacher discretion.


A student on the Gold earns the following privileges:

·         Student is permitted to use a computer or music device during earned free time or designated break times at teacher discretion.

·         Student can request to work independently when appropriate.

·         At the teacher’s discretion, a student can earn additional classroom privileges; this includes independent time during advisory.


When on Gold for at least 15 consecutive school days, students can apply for Platinum. When students are on Platinum they may request their own privileges from the Director.

Possible Privileges:

·         Sign own tracking card with faculty assistance and parent approval

·         Contracted independent time

·         Discussion regarding transition back to the regular middle or high school

·         Able to walk to and from campuses without staff

 *In order to maintain Platinum students must continue to adhere to school, classroom, and district policies and expectations.

Friday Special

·         Students are eligible for Friday Special if:

ü  Gold or Platinum Level from Wednesday through Friday

ü  No restrictions for the week

Grievance Protocol

·        Students may at any time write a grievance to the Director regarding disagreement with the Restriction, assignment of warnings, or not earning Friday Special.

·         The Director will investigate the student situation and will determine if appropriate consequence were given.

·         In conjunction with Littleton Academy staff, the Director may change or modify warnings/consequences.


A student earns three consecutive warnings for being disruptive at 8:00 am.  The student then turns their behavior around for 5 hours.  At 2:00 pm the student earns their 4th warning, for being rude. 

Student Action:

The student processes the restriction appropriately and writes a grievance asking to take away the last warning or to start over on the warning system.  The student is polite and appropriate when addressing their issue.